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I Went Shopping. Ruh-roh.

WHAT UP bloggie boos!!

How was everyone this beautiful and POURING DOWN RAIN Monday? Well, maybe it wasn’t so bad where yall are, but in Cincinnati, it was like a torrential downpour! Craaaze!

Then this happened…


Seriously, it was like the last five minutes of my run and I was in a full out sprint! The sky was practically black, and it was crazy scary! And I may or may not have looked like someone pushed me in a pool by the end of my run. Cooool.

The run was pretty easy today though, except for one MAY-JAH hill – but I at least knew about it going in. Seriously, I had to walk up it and by the top, my HR was at 180 and my calves were on fireeee. I always forget how hard big hills can be!

When I got home, I finally did a video I’ve been meaning to for a long time, Jillian’s 30 Day Shred Level 1! It was wonderfully difficult and I was feelin’ the burn big time!

Before I got started with the work out though, I had a nice bowl of cereal… sortaaa. A while ago, Gabriela posted about eating raw oats with almond milk, and I loved that for a long time! This morning, I decided to try it with oat bran.


Oat bran with vanilla almond milk and blueberries! I’m almost finally out of the berries I bought at Whole Foods on Friday, and I’m so sad to see them go!

Although this was pretty good, I’m not sure it was a breakfast worth repeating. The raw oat situation was actually much more fun to eat than this was, because with this all the oat bran sunk to the bottom and got really thick down there. It tasted great, but I love my textuuuures (:


Post-workout lunch was a mixed green salad with beans, carrot, apple, and tomato. This was mostly leftover from last night, but it still tasted pretty good! I also had a fruit plate of sliced kiwi and sliced peach afterwards for a little somethin’ sweeeeeet. Whatttup sweet tooth!

After lunch, I had a couple of errands to run, including a trip to the malllll (: Probs one of my favorite errands to run, period. I bought like, four new sundresses – the haul is up at the end of the post! I only ended up getting things from J. Crew and Francesca’s, but I love both those places so it all worked out!


When I got home, I was feelin’ a carby-type snack! Two slices of cinnamon-raisin Ezekiel bread: one with dark choc dreams and one with dark choc cocoa powder. And to top it all off, dark chocolate chunks. Did I possibly OD on chocolate after this snack? Possibly. Will that stop me from possibly having this snack tomorrow? Hell nah, brah.

Granted, snacks don’t hold me off for too long… so this happened pretty soon:


My Dad was out for dinner tonight, so Will [the bro] and I were on our own. He doesn’t eat dinns til like, nine or ten? And I’d rather gnaw my own arm off than wait that long [hey dramatic.] So I turned to the freezaaah for some food! TJ’s Meatless Meatballs and Garden Medley frozen veggie blend. This dinner totally hit the spot!

However, it also made me realize that I really want to avoid frozen veggies. It’s just the look of them that’s so weird… I feel like they don’t look like real vegetables! Really, it just looks more like… clay replicas of it or somethin’. So, moral of the story – efficient in a pinch, but probs not my go-to plan.

Now, how about some pretty clothin’ pic-tuurrres!


J. Crew chino shorts


J. Crew “Vacay” slip dress [super cute with a belt and wedges whaaaaat?!]


Francesca’s dress with rope detail [this one and the next one look much longer than they really are… they both fall a little above the knee.]


Francesca’s. This one is actually solid yellow, not two-toned the way it looks here because I accidentally covered the flash with my finger!


Francesca’s. Black t-shirt type dress, really cute and comfy!


Sorry about the blurry picture… I accidentally deleted the good one! Hey there, Clemson orange necklace (:


I literally own no bracelets, save for one from the Return to Tiffany collection.


Long chain necklace (Francesca’s)


Close up of the chain necklace – it’s so pretty!


Alright yall that’s all I’ve got for tonight! Not really sure what I’ll do for the rest of the night, but I’m sure my Twitter feed will let ya know (;


Do you have a staple piece of jewelry?

I have an Elsa Perretti necklace from the alphabet collection with an ‘S’ on it, plus two medals from this thing I go to in August… I’ll be able to talk more about it lataaah!




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Happy Saturday blenddds (:

How has it gone for yall so far? It is sooo nice and sunny in Cincinnati right now! I love ittt (: Hopefully, the weather will keep up til tomorrow!

So I sortakindamaybedefinitely forgot and ran out of time to post in the last few days! Whoooops! I’m not perfect at this yet, but whateverrr. But I’ve been too excited to focus on posting these past few days! Lets do a quick little run down (:

FRIDAY: Senior Awards Assembly, Graduation Practice, & Alumni Induction Ceremony! I’m officially an alum — I’ve got the mug to prove it (:


(please ignore the messy hair…. hadn’t showered yet!)

SATURDAY: work, hanging out with friends, working out, spending time with ze family at my brother’s lax game! [grandparents are in town for the graduation!]

SUNDAY: 12:30 — lifer picture [kids who have been at the school for 12+ years], class picture at 1, then GRADUATION MASS starts at 2! I honestly never thought that this day would come… it’s so weird to know that next year, I’ll go off to college and not back to the small school I’ve always known where everyone knows everyone else. The weirdest thing is it totally hasn’t sunken in yet! After the ceremony, there’s a reception at school, and one of my best friends is having a party at an old downtown hotel and I can’t wait!

MONDAY: Happy Memorial Day! My grandpa that’s in town is a World War II vet so we’ll be spending tons of time with him!

But how about a recap of the last few days – when I actually knew where my camera was slash remembered to use it, that is (:


OH HEY THERE, dessert from Wednesday (: You were great, you know that right? Another bread bowl from the wonderful+incredible Gracie! This time, I actually used whole wheat flour, didn’t microwave the banana beforehand, and topped it with nut butter+chocolate paste! Oh… and got just a little bit impatient, so I didn’t bake it all the way! #whoops #thatsmylife


Now, I don’t wanna say that I had a burst of genius Thursday morning, but….


I MADE VEGAN FRENCH TOAST. WHAAAT?! Oh yes I did, and stuck a grilled banana in the middle. I died. And then begged for more.

Vegan French Toast

  • Two slices sprouted wheat bread
  • 2T non-dairy milk (unsweetened original Almond Breeze for me)
  • 1t vanilla extract (or a mix of almond+vanilla)
  • toppings – WHATEVER YOU WANT!

1. Mix milk and vanilla extract in a small bowl.

2. Place bread in a shallow dish. I used a 9×11 pyrex dish, and it fit perfectly. Pour mixture over bread slices so that they’re adequately covered. As long as there’s milk mixture sitting ontop of the bread, you’ll be fine.

3. Flip bread in dish so both sides get soaked.

4. Put bread in a heated (medium heat works) skillet with soy butter or coconut oil or cooking spray.

5. Cook for two minutes on one side and flip. Cook for an additional minute.

6. Surrrrrve it up!


I see you in there, banana. And I’m excited. I topped mine with chocolate paste & strawberry fruit spread! I’m seriously obsessed with this whole banana+chocolate+strawberry combo. OHHH YEAH. #getonmylevel

I need to stop using twitter hashtags outside of twitter.

#noidont #littlerebel


Lunch (from Thursday, I think?) was roasted cauliflower, a salad beast, and Zevia. I’d never had roasted cauliflower before, and OH MY GOD IT WAS SO GOOD. Like seriously?! I only did it for like 15 minutes too! Impatient, I know. Salad had spinach, bell peppers, black beans, tomatoes, carrots, and maybe something else? I totally can’t remember! This lunch made me soooo happy and I was soooo glad it stopped raining long enough for me to take a picture.

SO embarrassing story? I basically haven’t taken any foodie pictures since then… Oopsies (:

Anyways, I’m off to have dinner and then go to my brother’s lacrosse game! Playoffs!

What’s your favorite vegetable to roast?

Are you addicted toDo you use twitter hashtags?

Have a happy Saturday night!



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