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What I Ate Wednesday! Numero Uno!

Good evening darlings! Let’s start with my first WIAW, shall we?

[sometimes I think I sound like an adult… and it scares me.]



Technically, I ate breakfast in two parts… Kinda. Part I looked like this


Times dos! Two fancy Medjool dates before my run! More on that one latahhh (;

When I arrived home, yoga-ed, and showered, I enjoyed this bad boy:


Katelyn’s Cookie Dough Cereal! With the requisite Tervis Tumbler S-Cup, of course. PS, finding straws to go with that cup was so so so exciting. It’s the little things, guys (:

In the bowl:


Hi blurry strawbs. At least you tasted beautiful.

Lunchskies (:


Salad beaaaast! GRRRR! Baby romaine, grape tomatoes, corn, snow peas (sugar snap? not sure.), steamed cauliflower, and MY NEW FAVORITE DRESSING! Annie’s Lite Gingerly – oh my God. I died when I tasted this!! Annie’s, you can do no wrong. And I had the last one of these guys on the side…


I told you guys the CrackBerry was with me at all times. Because it is.


I finally tried one of Carrie’s Luscious Bowls! I LOOOVED IT ❤



I used quinoa, tofu, broccoli, and MORE GINGERLY DRESSING. SOOO YUMMM.

Of course, I don’t think I can survive without my snackies. Here’s the first one of the day…


Sprouted bread [sesame – not my favorite, truthfully…] with coconut butter & strawberry fruit spread. This tasted perfectly like SUMMER! As much as I love coconut butter on its own, the fruit spread aaaalllways amps it up for me!! Yeaaaaah buddy. Oh, and I totally had a second piece once I finished this one (:

Dessert…. kinda went unphotographed. My beeeeeee. But it was four dates & two handfuls of almonds. Like… a Larabar. Just pre-food-processing.


This is a date.

… and these are almonds. Tee hee hee……?

And I totally snagged an extra date after lunch. SUP nature’s candy (:

The Workout For Today!

I woke up bright and early at 7 AM to get ready for my run, and made it to the trail by 7:40. I did five miles in 53:54 [I’m not positive about the seconds, but I know it was 53 mins] at a trail near my house! When I made it home, I passed my first day of the 21 Day Yoga Challenge with an Exercise TV video on el laptop-o. It was just a ten minute video, nothin’ craaaaze.

Then I spent most of the day with this guy…


My dog Duke! He’s a sweetie and is gettin’ to be like, 12 or 13 years old! I eventually did get him to come out of the dirt…. lucky me. Ain’t he cute?!?!

But the BIGGEST event of today was my brother’s lacrosse game! It was a huge deal for our school, because the team hasn’t gotten this far [state semi-finals] since 2006, when we won state! Unfortunately, we lost,  but I couldn’t be prouder of my brother – not just for this game, but for the season in general. He and his team have given so much time, effort, energy, and faith to the program, and it has totally paid off.


He even posed with me after one of his practices (: [this was before prom] GOODNESS GRACIOUS I AM SO PALE. Oh well…. no skin cancer for this chick, I guess?

And that’s the recap of mi diaaaa! Hope yall had a WONDERFUL + WARM WEDNESDAY!




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