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Whole Foods Saves the Day!

Hey yall!

Today was sooo nice for me! Since I don’t have to go into classes or my senior project anymore, my dad has been taking my brother to school in the morning, letting me sleep in! Translation: I wake up at 8 instead of 7 (: How is it that I can’t make my body stay asleep any longer than that?! It’s weeeeeird.

This morning, my appetite was acting really strangely. When I woke up, all I wanted was a piece of fruit! I grabbed an apple – and totally didn’t snap a picture – but I knew that would sooo not hold me over, even if my day is pretty open. So I went ahead and sliced up a banana & froze it for a green monster, even though I didn’t really know when I would have it! Around 11, my tummy finally grumbled (two and a half hours on an apple! Who am I?!) and I whipped up this bad boy:

DSCN0256 In the mix!

  • 3/4c almond milk
  • a bazillion handfuls of frozen spinach
  • one sliced frozen banana
  • a handful of TJ’s Very Cherry Berry Mix
  • 1/2t maca powder
  • topping: Vegan Cocoa Sauce (1T Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa + 1 packet Truvia + water to thin)

I don’t know if this shows how big the smoothie was, but it was huuuuge! I somehow managed to get through all of it though. Ohhh the sacrifices I make.

So last night at work, there was this BIIIIG pandemonium since a tornado watch was sweeping through the Cincinnati area, and everyone at the sports center ended up being moved into the lobby! It’s not a big area, and with kids as young as two and a bazillion parents buzzing around, it was more than a little overwhelming! I did a head count of my girls once a minute because I’m obsessive (: One of my friends showed me the weather radar on his phone, and the area where we were was purple! I didn’t even know that purple was on option on the scale!! I was sortakinda panicked, but everything turned out fine! But on the bright side, the weather today is absolutely beautiful! I went outside for a little and read a book for a while spent time in the S-U-N!

After running a couple of urrrrands [errands. nice grammar.] I started to get a little hungwwyy! The solution?

DSCN0258Not the best quality picture. #happens. But this was a meatball sandwich! It was two slices of TJ’s sprouted wheat bread topped with sliced meatless meatballs, also from TJ’s! (Ps, that is probably my favorite meat-replacement product! Soooo good!) Topped with organic ketchup & a side of sahhhweet corn. I.LOVE.SUMMER.

Lunch was suuuper late, and by the time I was hungry for dinner, I was feeling waay lazy. That means that Whole PaycheckFoods came in to save the day! The hot bar presented me with this little gem:

DSCN0262 Sweet+sour tofu, balsamic grilled veggies, and Asian veggies [which actually were too spicy for me! I left emmm] But other than that, dinner was deeeelish.


DSCN0264Cream soda Zevia!!!! Whaaat! #getatme ! Cream soda was one of my favorite drinks before I cut out caffeine [and soda in general] and I was soo excited to see it in the store I almost yelled out loud! Overreact much? But totally worth it (: and then I decided to snap a picture of this:

DSCN0265 My nails right now! I’m so proud that they’re actually painted right now! Usually I chip it all off and then don’t repaint [sup lazy]. The shade is NARS Orgasm [heheheh] and I’m obsessed with it. NBD.

I kinda forgot to snap a pic of the outfit I had on today, but I DID remember the shoes!

DSCN0260a la Steve Madden – toe nail polish is OPI’s Lucky Lucky Lavender. That’s about all I got for the outfit of the day (: Ohhh well!

I’ve got to finish prepping my presentation for my Senior Project Presentation for tomorrow morning! Have a good night everyoneee!

Do you like green monsters?


Do you like shopping for shoes?

Running, flats, wedges, heels, flip flops, whatever… I love em all!

I’ll see yall tomorrow!!



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