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Life Is Good.

The day started like this.


Katelyn’s cookie dough cereal + blackberrs

And then it ended like this:


If you’re wondering, yes, I did tear the packet open and lick it clean. And I’m damn proud of it.

I’m hanging out in Clemson, and Daddy and I scored some Three Spoons frozen yogurt after dinner – easily one of the best salads I’ve ever had followed by the ULTIMATE bowl of froze.

Our tour is tomorrow morning, and I already know that I don’t want to leave.


At least I come back in two weeks (:

Best nut butter out there?

I love love love PB Co. but it always tastes more like dessert [white chocolate, dark chocolate, maple, what?!]

[sorry for the brief post, but I’ve got a game to watch!! Go Heat!]





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