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Happy Saturday blenddds (:

How has it gone for yall so far? It is sooo nice and sunny in Cincinnati right now! I love ittt (: Hopefully, the weather will keep up til tomorrow!

So I sortakindamaybedefinitely forgot and ran out of time to post in the last few days! Whoooops! I’m not perfect at this yet, but whateverrr. But I’ve been too excited to focus on posting these past few days! Lets do a quick little run down (:

FRIDAY: Senior Awards Assembly, Graduation Practice, & Alumni Induction Ceremony! I’m officially an alum — I’ve got the mug to prove it (:


(please ignore the messy hair…. hadn’t showered yet!)

SATURDAY: work, hanging out with friends, working out, spending time with ze family at my brother’s lax game! [grandparents are in town for the graduation!]

SUNDAY: 12:30 — lifer picture [kids who have been at the school for 12+ years], class picture at 1, then GRADUATION MASS starts at 2! I honestly never thought that this day would come… it’s so weird to know that next year, I’ll go off to college and not back to the small school I’ve always known where everyone knows everyone else. The weirdest thing is it totally hasn’t sunken in yet! After the ceremony, there’s a reception at school, and one of my best friends is having a party at an old downtown hotel and I can’t wait!

MONDAY: Happy Memorial Day! My grandpa that’s in town is a World War II vet so we’ll be spending tons of time with him!

But how about a recap of the last few days – when I actually knew where my camera was slash remembered to use it, that is (:


OH HEY THERE, dessert from Wednesday (: You were great, you know that right? Another bread bowl from the wonderful+incredible Gracie! This time, I actually used whole wheat flour, didn’t microwave the banana beforehand, and topped it with nut butter+chocolate paste! Oh… and got just a little bit impatient, so I didn’t bake it all the way! #whoops #thatsmylife


Now, I don’t wanna say that I had a burst of genius Thursday morning, but….


I MADE VEGAN FRENCH TOAST. WHAAAT?! Oh yes I did, and stuck a grilled banana in the middle. I died. And then begged for more.

Vegan French Toast

  • Two slices sprouted wheat bread
  • 2T non-dairy milk (unsweetened original Almond Breeze for me)
  • 1t vanilla extract (or a mix of almond+vanilla)
  • toppings – WHATEVER YOU WANT!

1. Mix milk and vanilla extract in a small bowl.

2. Place bread in a shallow dish. I used a 9×11 pyrex dish, and it fit perfectly. Pour mixture over bread slices so that they’re adequately covered. As long as there’s milk mixture sitting ontop of the bread, you’ll be fine.

3. Flip bread in dish so both sides get soaked.

4. Put bread in a heated (medium heat works) skillet with soy butter or coconut oil or cooking spray.

5. Cook for two minutes on one side and flip. Cook for an additional minute.

6. Surrrrrve it up!


I see you in there, banana. And I’m excited. I topped mine with chocolate paste & strawberry fruit spread! I’m seriously obsessed with this whole banana+chocolate+strawberry combo. OHHH YEAH. #getonmylevel

I need to stop using twitter hashtags outside of twitter.

#noidont #littlerebel


Lunch (from Thursday, I think?) was roasted cauliflower, a salad beast, and Zevia. I’d never had roasted cauliflower before, and OH MY GOD IT WAS SO GOOD. Like seriously?! I only did it for like 15 minutes too! Impatient, I know. Salad had spinach, bell peppers, black beans, tomatoes, carrots, and maybe something else? I totally can’t remember! This lunch made me soooo happy and I was soooo glad it stopped raining long enough for me to take a picture.

SO embarrassing story? I basically haven’t taken any foodie pictures since then… Oopsies (:

Anyways, I’m off to have dinner and then go to my brother’s lacrosse game! Playoffs!

What’s your favorite vegetable to roast?

Are you addicted toDo you use twitter hashtags?

Have a happy Saturday night!




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Til the World Ends

Happy Sunday!

So surprise – THE WORLD DIDN’T END! Never saw that one coming, did ya? Nope, didn’t think so (:

Of course, that meant that I had to have a little celebratory breakfast for this Sunday-Funday!


Voluminous oats made in the style of Carrie… ps, if you wanna know how to make KILLAAAH delicious oats & laugh your butt off at the same time, check her tutorial out. I died.

This was supppah tasty though! I cooked 1/3c oat bran in 1 2/3c water (for like five or six minutes? I forgot!) and it TRIED to explode on me. And kinda did for like two seconds… but I fixed it (: #winning! After letting it sit for a couple minutes, I stirred in 1/4c peanut flour (cause I’m out of protein powder! Sad!) and then topped it with a BOATLOAD of cinnamon and half a banana I had sitting in the fridge. It might have been 80degrees in Cincy this morning, but that was SOOO not gonna stop me!

You might be thinking… “So why exactly do you have only HALF a banana in the fridge?” And the answer is so, so simple – and so, so delicious! Last night’s dessert was courtesy of Gracie, in the form of a pumpkin-banana-bread bowl. TADAAAAA:

DSCN0201So it doesn’t look as pretty as Gracie’s. But I’m fine with that. It’s what’s on the inside that counts after all! And inside this bad boy was 10+ g of fiber and over 30g protein!! (I used peanut flour instead of ww flour cause I was out!) This was so good, I had to stop and slow down so I didn’t scorch the eff out of my tongue while eating it! Really, I just wanted to show yall a picture of it cause I was so proud that it even came out of MY oven!

Back to Sunday! After breakfast, my dad told me that it was gonna be pretty rainy later in the day, so I decided to knock my run out early! I went to a five-mile trail pretty close to my house, and even though I walked a lot of it, it was still a great workout! My HR like didn’t even drop below 150! The five miler lasted about an hour, which I’m totally fine with! Plus, it was actually really fun to get out of the house and just be alone for an hour (: The not so hot part of my run? The blister I scored on my left Achilles tendon. Sah-weetttt. Good thing I was already planning on a yoga day tomorrow haha

Post-run lunch was typical: the daily salad beast!

DSCN0205Spinach, yellow carrots, yellow bell peppers, tomatoes, black beans, and Annie’s Lite Honey Mustard dressing! (I’m obsessed with this!) So, quick confession: the game plan was to use chickpeas in this salad, but then I had YELLOW peppers, and even YELLOW carrots, so the natural choice was…. black & yellow (:

One of the first things on my to-do list for the day was grocery shopping! Which I actually love doing, so it wasn’t TOO much of a chore! I stopped by Trader Joe’s – which is WAY less crowded on a Sunday as opposed to a Saturday – and then hit up Whole Foods on the way home! Of course, I had to go for a Kombucha once I made it in there, my immune system just needed it (; But I was drinking it while I was driving home & it totally almost fizzed all over the place on me! I was kiiinda freakin out haha!

DSCN0207 This wasn’t my favorite flavor, but it was still pretty good!

Another task on the to-do list? Graduation announcements. Blech. I spent about an hour hand-addressing and bugging my dad to call people for addresses! I got almost all of them finished, except for one or two! They’ll be getting mailed out tomorrow, which is probably a good thing since my graduation is ONE WEEK AWAY! That’s right, May 29th is the big day! The better news? My dress will be finished with being hemmed on Friday, just in time! I’ll totally post TONS of pics the Monday after, since I’ll be at a graduation party all night Sunday!

All that addressing took it out of me, so I made one of my favorite snacks: chocolate toast!

DSCN0208 Two slices TJ’s Sprouted Wheat Bread with healthy vegan chocolate sauce!

  • -1T cocoa powder (Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa is the best!)
  • -1 packet Stevia (or other sweetener)
  • -1-1.5 T water (the more water, the thinner the consistency)

I based this off of Carrie’s fudgie, and literally make it at LEAST once a day! It’s so good!

My dad & brother were off to an open house for his summer lacrosse team, so I was on my own for dinner. I had about 1/2c of TJ’s steamed lentils left in the fridge, so I decided on a Lentil Loaf for One, inspired by Caroline of the Broccoli Hut!

DSCN0219 I used 1/2c lentils, 1/3c oat bran, & 3T pasta sauce. After baking for about 20 ish minutes, it was alllll ready! If I was a good blogger, I would have taken the bowl outside, waited to put on ketchup, and tried to get a really pretty picture. But…. the bowl was really hot… and I didn’t feel like it (: So this is as good as yall are gonna get, sorry!

Anyways, I’ve got a date with the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family…. and potentially an inside-out peanut butter cup cake (a la Carrie again. Maybe I should stop stalking her recipe page. Probably not though.)

MORE EXCITING NEWS…. I ordered my first bag of Sun Warrior today!! I have no idea when it’ll be here… but I’m still supaaah pumped!

What’s your favorite way to cook oats?

-I know tons of people love Kath’s Whipped Banana, but I’m really loving this oat bran!

What’s your favorite flavor combo?

The pumpkin-banana-peanut butter thang I had goin’ on last night was AH-MAZING.

Have you tried Sun Warrior?


Have a happy Sunday!



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