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New Installation…

I have always believed in the power of words.

Positive, negative, long, short, significant, filler… to me, words strung together can be more effective than a picture. That’s part of the reason that I’ve always loved writing, even for school, and part of the reason that I love blogging as much as I do – even with my relatively short time spent in the blogging world.

For me, English class was about as good as school was ever going to get. My job was to read and then write a paper to prove something: to make an argument, to take a stance, and reflect how the author’s work impacted my life and my views. It kinda goes without saying that the books I didn’t even attempt to care about (I’m looking at you, Grapes of Wrath and All The King’s Men…) were the papers that I was practically embarrassed to turn in. I mean, I had completely disregarded someone’s words, someone’s hard work, because I thought it might be difficult to read.

Words have always inspired me.

I love the way that one simple quote can totally light a fire under my ass. Seeing someone articulate the way that I’m feeling, or give me the motivation to push through something difficult is one of the most sensational feats that our society has achieved. The power of words has made me consider writing as a career for the last ten years – the only one that has persevered through my outrageous swings in what I want to do with my life. But words are everywhere, not just in books. Songs, poems, conversation, speeches – these are all rich sources of inspiration, if you can find one that “speaks” to you. Find one that says something you’ve always wanted to hear, and it can change the way you see everything.

That brings me to my genuine point: use words carefully. They’re a blessing, a gift and not a right. Which is why I’m implementing a new weekly installment…

Super Quote Sunday.

Meet this week’s quote…


This is probably one of my all-time favorite quotes. I saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s when I was eight, and Audrey was a quick idol for me. She was even the source of my senior quote this year, although I didn’t use this particular one because so many people in the past have used it.

But what I love about it has so much more to do with the content than the speaker. Audrey has always been an inspiration to me since the movie, but I was truly shocked when I heard that this quote came from her.

Think about the people that you consider to be truly beautifuldo they fit the prescribed mold for what beauty is? Or do they possess something intangible, something that you really need to look carefully to see? The people who I value the most maybe aesthetically beautiful, but they have a myriad of intrinsic characteristics that comprise so much more of their personality than their physical attributes do.

From what I’ve found, it’s so much easier to love yourself when you let yourself love other people. For some reason, this is ridiculously difficult for me – I’m so guarded it’s stressful, and I used to be terrified of people knowing too much about me, of people being able to understand me, mostly because I didn’t understand myself. When I finally learned to see the good in others, I could see some of the same things in myself. Learning to appreciate things in myself lent itself to exploring what I like about others even more. As this happened, it became easier and easier to tell people what I appreciated about them, and even to open myself up a little bit [still something major to work on, though]

The last part of this quote is what always hits me the hardest. Even with the technological advances that effectively allow us to be in constant contact with others, it can be so so easy to feel like an island – distant from everyone, alone, and like the weight of [your] world is on your shoulders, and yours alone. But the honest-to-God truth? You are never alone. Parents, friends, family, strangers even – all these people will leap to your side, even if sometimes it feels like they’ve abandoned you. But it’s not a one way relationship – we have to be ready to do the same thing for them. No one is a mind reader. If you hide your problems, it will take a lot longer for anyone at all to realize that they even exist.

To me, Audrey’s words are inspirational. This quote makes me want to challenge myself, to push my boundaries to truly see the best in people, to let only positive words pass my lips, and to lean on other people when I need them.

Whew! That was probably the most I’ve written in a post… like, ever. But anyways, I’m really excited about this little weekly situation and I hope you guys liked it! Totally send some feedback my way!!


I’ll hopefully have another post up later today, but I’ve been so excited about this one that I had to get it posted right away!!

What is your favorite quote?




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