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Worst Blogger Award?!

Oh….. heeeeeeey guys [/guilty]

Yes. It has been a full week since I posted. You caught me, totally fair. And my Twitter feed has also been pretty slow lately, but it’s just cause I’ve been so damn busy!


Well, mostly busy. A little lazy. Also a little distracted, but we’re gonna stick with the “busy” excuse, mkay? And now for a rundown… leggo.

Tuesday: Worked out, lounged [so guilty of that one], worked, and then… went to bed – promptly at 10pm. That’s early, even for me. Mostly because of…

Wednesday: Wake up call came in at 4:15AM. Then, my mom & I were on the road by 4:30AM! And guess what – I drove the whole way! All seven and a half hours of it! Aaaand now pictures of the food because I have no idea where my camera connecting cord is. Top notch work, Sam. Really. Then I had a workshop a couple of hours after my Mom and I arrived in Clemson, which was ok – a little too drawn out for me, but whatevaaaah. Later that night, I checked into the dorms with a bunch of other kids and we hung out there for the night before the next morning’s activities Winking smile Oh, and did I mention the city was in like, a state of torrential downpour?! Cause it was.

Thursday: The first day… of ORIENTATION! Seriously, these two days were so much fun! I absolutely loved this little glimpse into the next four years of my life, and lemme tell ya – I’m. Freaking. Pumped.

Friday: Last day! We had a couple academic advising meetings, and made our schedules – I got mostly morning classes, woo! I’m taking: Orientation to Education, Contemporary Math for Elementary Teachers, Intermediate Spanish, Biology (Key to Human Identity lecture), West and the World, and a food science elective! After all that jazz wrapped up, we headed on home!

Saturday: Uhmmm… nothing. Like, seriously – not. a. thing.

Sunday: Ran a little, did the work thang, and then… WATCHED TRUE BLOOD!!!!! I’m so obsessed with this show, it’s crazy. Dear Eric Northman, I’ll be eighteen in less than two months. Call me.

Today: LOTS of laundry! Jillian Michaels video, and then some more laundry.

TOMORROW, my replacement phone should be in! I’ll run over to my Mom’s house to pick that up and hopefully find my camera cord as well. I’ll have to work tomorrow too, but it’s my goal to have a post up before I have to leave!

Well… hope ya liked all that reading! Have a beautiful Monday night, the weather here is starting to clear up nicely (:

Question! What’s your favorite class that you’ve taken – in high school, in college, or non-educational [like pottery or cooking or something]?




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An Announcement!

Hey guys! How’s your Wednesday going so far? Mine has been fantastic-o!

I totally buckled down today and knocked out everything on my to-do list from this morning (and may have watched all of those shows… sorry TV diet.) But hey, you can’t win em all, right?

Anyways, I know it’s supposed to be “What I Ate Wednesday,” but I kinda ignored my camera from… oh, I don’t know, noon til seven? Which is when I did most of my eating? Whoopsieees. So, this week I’m changing it to…


What I Want to Do with My Life Wednesday (:

If you’ve read my About Me section, you might know that I’m currently bouncing back and forth between three majors – psychology, nutrition, and, most recently, early childhood education.

This weekend, something… clicked. I don’t know what made it feel so right, but I realized that I think I know what I want to focus on and really do with my life.

But how about I give the story first? Sounds good (:

So, in addition to my job where I teach gymnastics classes, I also recently started working birthday parties, and this weekend I worked one with a couple other girls, and there were some kids at the party who were like, four years old and younger.

Anyways, the party was a blast – as always – and while we were cleaning up, one of the girls said to me, “Sam, you were so good with the little kids. I don’t know how you do that.”


Not an outlandish statement, I guess. I did kinda stick with the smaller ones because I think I gravitate towards them typically, but I hardly noticed it. But for some reason, this statement really hit me. At the time, I just smiled and said thank you, because the girl who said it is one of my close work friends, but I couldn’t shake the feeling all night.

Now, my Senior Search – the senior project to be completed at the beginning of May – was to help out in my friend’s mom’s preschool classroom, but I just picked it because I knew I liked kids, not necessarily because I wanted to work with them.

But that situation has kinda changed.

After my friend said that to me Saturday, I was really thinking about it on the way home. And for the first time, I felt like I wouldn’t be making any compromises in terms of my happiness. I wouldn’t have to give anything that I think is important for my happiness. It was, truthfully, incredibly liberating and exciting.

So essentially, I’ll be changing my major to early childhood education so that I can work towards becoming a preschool teacher. Honestly, having such a clear picture of this makes me feel so fantastic. I know people say that you’ll change your major a ton of times, but I feel so tied to this, and it’s something that I feel I’ve always kind of known I love.

I’ll be posting more on this, but I just wanted to share the news because it’s seriously one of the most exciting things to happen to my week!

Did you change your major? What was/is it?

Have a great night & good morning!



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Life Is Good.

The day started like this.


Katelyn’s cookie dough cereal + blackberrs

And then it ended like this:


If you’re wondering, yes, I did tear the packet open and lick it clean. And I’m damn proud of it.

I’m hanging out in Clemson, and Daddy and I scored some Three Spoons frozen yogurt after dinner – easily one of the best salads I’ve ever had followed by the ULTIMATE bowl of froze.

Our tour is tomorrow morning, and I already know that I don’t want to leave.


At least I come back in two weeks (:

Best nut butter out there?

I love love love PB Co. but it always tastes more like dessert [white chocolate, dark chocolate, maple, what?!]

[sorry for the brief post, but I’ve got a game to watch!! Go Heat!]




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