Worst Blogger Award?!

Oh….. heeeeeeey guys [/guilty]

Yes. It has been a full week since I posted. You caught me, totally fair. And my Twitter feed has also been pretty slow lately, but it’s just cause I’ve been so damn busy!


Well, mostly busy. A little lazy. Also a little distracted, but we’re gonna stick with the “busy” excuse, mkay? And now for a rundown… leggo.

Tuesday: Worked out, lounged [so guilty of that one], worked, and then… went to bed – promptly at 10pm. That’s early, even for me. Mostly because of…

Wednesday: Wake up call came in at 4:15AM. Then, my mom & I were on the road by 4:30AM! And guess what – I drove the whole way! All seven and a half hours of it! Aaaand now pictures of the food because I have no idea where my camera connecting cord is. Top notch work, Sam. Really. Then I had a workshop a couple of hours after my Mom and I arrived in Clemson, which was ok – a little too drawn out for me, but whatevaaaah. Later that night, I checked into the dorms with a bunch of other kids and we hung out there for the night before the next morning’s activities Winking smile Oh, and did I mention the city was in like, a state of torrential downpour?! Cause it was.

Thursday: The first day… of ORIENTATION! Seriously, these two days were so much fun! I absolutely loved this little glimpse into the next four years of my life, and lemme tell ya – I’m. Freaking. Pumped.

Friday: Last day! We had a couple academic advising meetings, and made our schedules – I got mostly morning classes, woo! I’m taking: Orientation to Education, Contemporary Math for Elementary Teachers, Intermediate Spanish, Biology (Key to Human Identity lecture), West and the World, and a food science elective! After all that jazz wrapped up, we headed on home!

Saturday: Uhmmm… nothing. Like, seriously – not. a. thing.

Sunday: Ran a little, did the work thang, and then… WATCHED TRUE BLOOD!!!!! I’m so obsessed with this show, it’s crazy. Dear Eric Northman, I’ll be eighteen in less than two months. Call me.

Today: LOTS of laundry! Jillian Michaels video, and then some more laundry.

TOMORROW, my replacement phone should be in! I’ll run over to my Mom’s house to pick that up and hopefully find my camera cord as well. I’ll have to work tomorrow too, but it’s my goal to have a post up before I have to leave!

Well… hope ya liked all that reading! Have a beautiful Monday night, the weather here is starting to clear up nicely (:

Question! What’s your favorite class that you’ve taken – in high school, in college, or non-educational [like pottery or cooking or something]?




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8 responses to “Worst Blogger Award?!

  1. dont worrrry!!! we all have blogger breaks and get BUSY! my fav class in high school was drawing!

  2. sooo excited for you! you must let me know what ure taking! hahah hilarious that you re actually excited about morning classes, you wont be after a while! especially after you get that social life goin!

  3. BAHAHA. You are hilarious. I laughed for like five minutes about the “worst blogger award”. I took glassblowing last summer and it was really interesting and I quite enjoyed it.

  4. littlehealthjunkie

    oh my goodness, you drove 7 and 1/2 hours all at once, that’s CRAZY!! but ahh that’s so dang exciting that you’re at clemson and ALREADY had orientation! I had no idea it was so early!!! congrats on getting there and I can’t wait to hear seriously Alll about how much you love it there! (ps where do you work!?) Oh, and come visit me and Norrrdstrom!!!

  5. My favorite class was probably showchoir. We got to sing and dance and stuff ( like highschool musical.. ha…)
    I really like your blog!
    I’d love if you come check mine out, I’m a fairly new blogger so anyone who reads it- it means a lot!


  6. Mmmm, I loved Sophomore Selections for some reason. It’s pretty much a class about how to choose a college and how to find what your fit for, or what you love. (:

  7. Errign

    Hmmmm.. favorite class. My Model UN lab classes are fun because they are only a trip – I’ve been to Taiwan and Singapore with them. 🙂

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