Life Is Good.

The day started like this.


Katelyn’s cookie dough cereal + blackberrs

And then it ended like this:


If you’re wondering, yes, I did tear the packet open and lick it clean. And I’m damn proud of it.

I’m hanging out in Clemson, and Daddy and I scored some Three Spoons frozen yogurt after dinner – easily one of the best salads I’ve ever had followed by the ULTIMATE bowl of froze.

Our tour is tomorrow morning, and I already know that I don’t want to leave.


At least I come back in two weeks (:

Best nut butter out there?

I love love love PB Co. but it always tastes more like dessert [white chocolate, dark chocolate, maple, what?!]

[sorry for the brief post, but I’ve got a game to watch!! Go Heat!]





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2 responses to “Life Is Good.

  1. Sounds like the perfect start and finish to a day 😀 Hope everything in between was just as good.

    I’m kinda limited when it comes to what kind of nut butters I can eat because I’m allergic to peanuts, and a lot of the other nut butter that I wanna try have traces of peanuts in them. But thankfully one of the ones I can eat is also one I love. Maisie Jane’s roasted almond butter 😀

  2. Seems like you’re having a great time at Clemson (enjoying the awesome weather i assume?) 🙂 — I actually have a few friends that go there and they all LOVE ittt. I’m still yet to try those nut butter packets but they’re everywhere in the blog world.. hmm… must buy soon..

    When it comes to nut butters I’m not really “experienced” per say haha … I’m so used to Jif/Skippy so I’m just now starting to branch out…I’m sort of weird though.. I really like nature’s path almond butter (just the plain kind.. it’s salty!). everyone seems to say that PB&Co I need to buy some!

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