I think that this video fits nicely with the day, don’t you?


Although the sunshine wasn’t goin’ too strong early this morning, I still managed to have a nice breakfast!


A yummy protein cereal bowl! 1 cup of kashi go lean [so obsessed!] with almond milk mixed with a scoop of Sun Warrior, then topped with sliced strawberries (: I know lots of people say that cereal can’t hold them over as far as breakfast goes, which is why I think it’s so important to squeeze in that protein! I know that many people in America tend to overestimate how much protein they need, but that doesn’t mean its something to forgo all together. This bowl actually held me over for about three and a half hours! It was sahhh weet!

When lunchtime rolled around, I had planned on having some channa masala… but when I walked into the kitchen, all I could think about was pasta. Now, I don’t know if yall have read this post from Amanda of Running with Spoons yet, but if you haven’t, stop reading now and go check it out! Sure, channa masala is great and all – but my body wanted pasta. Pasta and ketchup, specifically.


See, when I was little, we had all these au pairs – live in nannies, basically – from South Africa. And all of them put ketchup on everything. Grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, macaroni & cheese, pasta… so I learned to eat all these things with ketchup! Now, I’ve grown out of most of these things, but the ketchup has pretty much been a staple in my diet – I. Love. It.

And even though this carby & delicious bowl of pasta wasn’t what I had planned on eating today, it was exactly what I wanted. I used to avoid pasta because I thought I wouldn’t be able to have any portion control around it – and I can’t believe I’ve stayed away for so long. It’s so wonderful to see you again, pasta (: Since this was exactly what I wanted to eat, I was so mindful of eating it. I even realized with a few bites left that I was full, and that I didn’t need to finish every last bite. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but to me, this bowl of pasta is like… recovery. It’s not putting obsessive amounts of thought into what I should eat, of what I’ve planned my meal to be. It’s living in the moment, accepting that pasta is god damn fantastic, and I don’t need to run eight miles in a day to “deserve” to eat it.

In fact, I don’t need to run period to earn a lunch like this. Which is incredibly fortunate for me, because some MAY-JOR ankle pain caused me to postpone the run I had planned for this afternoon. I really thought about running through the pain, but I’m glad I made the decision to just do yoga instead. My ankle was giving me a problem just walking around the house, and as guilty as I originally felt for skipping it, I know it was the right decision for me.

Post-yoga and strength, I felt a little fruity snack action was in orderrr:



Banana with fruit spread & two Medjool dates! I love fruit (: NOMMMS

Then I basically just lounged around the house until I was hungry for dinssss. The only time I left my house today was to pick up my brother from exams. #party


Dinner was very lunch-inspired. I planned on a salad with baked tofu… but I couldn’t get excited about it. Pretty soon, a sandwich was the only thing that I wanted. I sliced up a Fuji apple on the side with some yellow bell pepper matchsticks to go with my peanut butter & jam sandwich. I think I have a new favorite jam: 365 Fruits of the Forest Fruit Spread! It’s got strawberries, black cherries, raspberries, and blackberries in it! I’m rather obsessed (;



I’ve got work early tomorrow morning, so I’ll be signing off soon! Hope yall had an excellent & indulgent Friday! Oh, and HAPPY DONUT DAY?!

Do you like ketchup?


Did you partake in Donut Day?

I didn’t, but my brother & his friend definitely did (:




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19 responses to “Sunnnshine

  1. Great job on the pasta, girl! Feels SO good to eat what your body wants instead of what your head plans. I swear, if I’m craving chocolate, I can eat all the other stuff in the world and still be unsatisfied until I have those few squares of chocolate… and then I’m a happy camper.

    And I LOVE ketchup. I think I could pretty much eat it on anything, and sometimes I just want it straight from the jar. Uhh… yeah. I’m a bit odd 😉

    Happy Friday!

  2. I LOVE ketchup! Has to be Heinz! No donuts for me! I never eat them, I feel like they are sooo bad for you… but they probably aren’t that much worse than other desserts!

    • hahah yeah they’re probably on par with any other dessert… i think i’m just averse to them because they’re always marketed as a breakfast food!

  3. all your eats look amazing..and YES I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE KETCHUP!! I’m with you on that one 😉

  4. I love ketchup!! A lot of people think it’s gross, but I smear it on toast and use it in place of salad dressing sometimes. So so so good! I love how it seems like you really rolled with your cravings. Nothing is worse than considering eating something else that you want but having something else planned, going with what you planned, and then regretting it.

  5. I honestly feel the same exact way about pasta…I am always afraid to eat it because it is so hard to portion control. Coincidentally, I also had pasta (yesterday for dinner actually) and I didn’t bother to portion control it. I just ate until I thought I had enough and stopped with a few noodles left. It definitely felt great so I completely understand how you feel and I’m so proud of you!

    And I love ketchup, too!!

  6. thats so awesome about pasta! love it! and running-pshhhh its soo overrated! yoga is so good for you! get it gurrrrrrl!

  7. I LOVED amandas post!! so glad u didnt run thru that pain! that is not the way to go! love ur dinnah!!! ketchup! aHHH i hate ketchup!!!

  8. shelby

    ahhh having au pairs is so cool! that must of been so fun!
    and isn’t it so cool to have something that reminds you of them!?! 😉

    no i didn’t partake in donut day. everyone was talking about it though!!! and my friends thought about going but ended up not.

  9. oh my gosh, I love ketchup too!!!! It’s so ridiculous, but I love it on everything!!!

  10. just found your blog :)! – lounging around all day seems A-ok with meeeee. that’s what summer’s for right?

  11. I love a thinly sliced bell pepper 🙂

    I also love ketchup – on potatoes, fries, eggs, veggie burgers…everything!

  12. haha that’s a funny story about your nannies! I know some people who put ketchup on evvverything too–pizza and all. I on the other hand, put mustard in most things 😛

  13. tickledtofu

    Heyyy I love that song!!! And I love ketchup too! Specifically tofu smothered in it 🙂

  14. YES, I like ketchup – TONS of it. And YES, I did participate in donut day…several days late. I had a bag of donut holes yesterday. So good though!

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