June Goals

Happy [almost] June everyone!!

I know it’s still the 31st, but I wanted to get my June goals up before the month actually started (:

I wasn’t totally honest about keeping to my goals last month (striiiike out) so hopefully this month goes a little bit differently! Here we go!


June Goals

1) stretch every day

As any ex-gymnast can attest, the feeling of no longer being able to do your dominant leg split or your bridge is awful – even if I wasn’t super flexible to begin with! Whether it’s yoga or just stretching, I wanna at least get back in the swing of it!

2) strength train two times a week

At least one day of body weight training, because that’s what I’m most used to and what I know works best for my body.

3) buy and wear two new outfits

And preferably things that aren’t floral print dresses. I bought three of those last month.

4) two forms of cardio every week

Running, spinning, elliptical, etc!

5) read at least two books

After all, I’ll need something to do while I’m poolside!

6) try one new recipe every week

Whether it’s from a cookbook or from a blog, I need to expand my culinary horizons! Shoot your favorites my way for some assistaaaance (:



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10 responses to “June Goals

  1. GREAT goals!! i NEED to join u on the stretching!

  2. Good luck on the goals! I actually want to buy more floral dresses – it’s way too hot for pants down here in Orlando, especially walking through the city to work!

    • AH orlando is like one of the cities i most wanna live in! well, technically winter park, but it’s all relative (: hahah but anthropologie & urban outfitters both have gorrrrgeous florals in right now! thanks for the comment, sweets!

  3. Great goals. I love that you set a goal to buy clothes! 🙂

  4. runyogarepeat

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I definitely need to join you in the stretching goal. I was going to yoga once a week, then I slacked off during my half marathon training.

  5. I like goals like these. they all sound doable. I def want to read more this summer too

  6. ahaha, you’re not the only one, girlfriend. I’ve bought waaay too many dresses this season.. and lotsa florals!

  7. littlehealthjunkie

    Ah girl, I feel the same way! I trrrry to strength train at least twice a week, but it doesn’t always work out..hope yours does for you! I absolutely LOVE your blog though, for realz girlie! Check your email, I sent you one! 🙂

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